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Dick Searle at the launch of the 'Fresher for Longer' campaign in Tunbridge Wells.

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Fresher for longer – Join us!

Welcome to The Packaging Federation’s Fresher for Longer page. It’s a new initiative and UK national collaboration and I am extremely proud that The Packaging Federation is a key part of it.

Fresher for Longer is unique. Not only does it involve us with our friends at WRAP, INCPEN, the Food and Drink Federation, and the British Retail Consortium, we are also very privileged to be partnering with local government through the Kent Waste Partnership and, not least, with leading retailer, Marks and Spencer, who is heading Phase 1 of the UK introduction.

All of these partners recently conducted some detailed consumer research, which showed us that our own packaging sector has a key role to play in helping with the world’s food security. We can do this in part by creating packaging solutions that help consumers to balance their budgets and keep their food after purchase – fresher for longer.

Fresher for Longer is really about win, win – and win outcomes for us all:

The consumer wins; being enabled to select produce that will allow choice, and portion control in the home.

The producer wins, through supplying the goods that the consumer wants, in the way he/she wants them.

Society wins; being enabled to better control consumption and – above all – throw away much less.

In fact our packaging sector also wins – at least that part that is committed to change and product innovation. Many manufactures and supermarkets now use breathable fruit and veg bags, have more re-closable packs and many more innovations. All of these are designed to make food last longer and to stretch the consumer budget further.

5 March 2013 saw us formally launch Phase 1 of Fresher for Longer in partnership with our industry colleagues, with Marks and Spencer and throughout the councils and consumers in the Kent, UK region.

In the coming weeks we shall be updating you with news, information and activities. We also invite you here and now to step forward and play your own part within Fresher for Longer. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further details. I look forward to updating you as we move forward.

Dick Searle

For further information

Consumer attitudes to food waste and food packaging (slide presentation).ppt

Consumer attitudes to food waste and packaging report – Executive Summary.pdf

Consumer attitudes to food waste and packaging report – Full Report.pdf

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Fresher for Longer – Guide for Partners.pdf

Infographic –The Truth about Food Waste.pdf

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M&S Press Release – Fresher for Longer.docx

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The launch of the 'Fresher for Longer' campaign in Tunbridge Wells.

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