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Packaging Federation – The UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry
– a brief for MPs and Peers

Our industry employs some 85,000 people in the UK – representing 3% of the UK manufacturing industry workforce – and has sales in excess of £11 Billion… Download the pdf

Packaging Federation – The Paradox of Packaging
It has to be said, packaging gets a lot of bad press. Whether it’s plastic bags at
supermarkets or over-packaged items using an array of plastic and cardboard, most
people have a pet hate linked to packaging… Download the pdf

INCPEN – Carbon Footprinting and Lifecycle Assessment
Lifecycle assessment (LCA) quantifies the environmental burdens associated with a product, process or activity over its entire lifecycle, from production of the raw materials to disposal at end of life…

INCPEN – Lifecycle Thinking – the benefits
When manufacturers want to introduce a new product or service, or improve the performance of an existing one, they need to examine its environmental impact. This means understanding how it relates to the environment throughout its life. One way to do this is to apply Lifecycle Thinking LCT…

INCPEN – Packaging and Deposits
Charging a refundable deposit on a pack on top of its price is intended to encourage the holder to return it when empty in order to redeem the deposit.

INCPEN – Too Much Packaging?
Packaging ensures that people can buy and use products when they want them, in good condition and with little wastage. However, many people think there is too much of it. Everybody has a view on what’s excessive…

INCPEN – (Using) Less Packaging
Reductions in the amount of packaging used – "lightweighting” – didn’t start when environmental awareness emerged…

INCPEN – Litter and Packaging
Litter is any waste in the wrong place. Individuals create litter through thoughtless or anti-social behaviour. Only individuals can therefore prevent it…

INCPEN – Responsible Packaging
Companies have a commercial interest in packaging goods responsibly…

INCPEN – Waste Management
Managing waste is necessary to ensure that it does not pose a risk to health or the environment. In the past we mostly buried our waste in the ground but today the aim is to reduce the amount we send to landfill and to recover value from as much as possible…

Packaging Federation – Packaging and the Environment
A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the “Inconvenient Truths” of packaging. Download the presentation

Packaging Federation – Science and Innovation in Packaging
A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the “Inconvenient Truths” of packaging. Download the presentation

Advisory Committee on Packaging – Packaging in Perspective
This publication has been produced to provide facts about the much discussed
subject of packaging recovery and recycling. It aims to provide the public and
others with an outline of what the UK has achieved and what is being done. It is not generally recognised that businesses… Download the pdf

Packaging Federation – Putting “packaging” into context – Seven packaging “pillars of wisdom”
The primary role of packaging is to protect and preserve the product. Reducing packaging may increase product wastage and reduce product hygiene – with environmental impacts much greater than that of the packaging “saved”… Download the pdf

Packaging Federation – The Role of Packaging in Society
A PowerPoint presentation highlighting the role of modern packaging in society. Download the presentation

Packaging is not just about having too much
Two short videos about the importance of packaging. Courtesy of Elipso.
Download video 1 (File size 9.5MB)
Download video 2 (File size 6MB)

The Shopper's Nightmare
A video about how we can't manage without packaging. Courtesy of Tetrapak.
Download the video (File size 35MB)

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