The Packaging Federation is the ‘over-arching’ trade association for the UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry. It is a unique representative body for companies and organisations in the UK packaging manufacturing sector and associated activities.

The UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry has annual sales of £11 Billion and employs some 85,000 people – representing 3% of the UK’s manufacturing workforce. It is a major contributor to the UK GDP and a vital link in the Packaging Supply Chain.

At a time when packaging is firmly in the spotlight, it provides a strong voice for the Packaging Sector as a whole. Its role is to provide a balanced picture of the role of packaging in society and to lobby for a balanced debate on its worth and environmental impact. In pursuing this, it has regular and vigorous dialogue with Government, politicians, media, supply chain partners and the wider public.

The Packaging Federation actively promotes the economic importance of the industry, the products that it produces, the considerable benefits that derive from the use of packaging and the industry’s responsible concern for both the community and the environment.

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